French Language Week

Celebrate French from March 16 to 24 with the French Language Week and Francophonie. This is the regular rendez-vous for lovers of words in France and abroad. This event is an opportunity to celebrate the French language celebrating its richness and diversity.

The thematic of the year is words borrowed from French by other languages. Ten words are available: atelier, bouquet, cachet, coup de foudre, équipe, protéger, savoir-faire, unique, vis-à-vis, voilà. Your turn to manipulate, write, describe, backward, play etc.

Be inspired by the renewal of spring, the sweetness of the air to celebrate Le Printemps des Poètes writing poetry and sharing with your friends and family. This event, which takes place in France and Quebec March 9 to 24 invites you to express poetry whatever its form of expression. For more information and inspiration you can visit the following website:

L’Alliance Française de la Péninsule de Monterey celebrates the Francophonie by organizing a POETRY CONTEST in partnership with MIIS. This year 8 schools present 50 candidates. Judges are one poet and two professors from MIIS. We especially thank Gisèle Kapuscinski and his team for all the massive preparatory work done for several months. All the details on the calendar and on our website:

We also celebrate the Francophonie with a potluck. Everyone will bring a traditional dish from a francophone country or region of France. This year we invite our members especially from Quebec to come and tell stories from  their beautiful country and how the French language is keep going.