Lecture in French

Sunday, October 19

– 3 :00 PM – Lecture in French by Isaline Remy (writer) and Martina Moriss (writer of detective novels) at the home of Peterson Conway

Martina Moriss and Isaline Remy are passing through for the Carmel Art and Film Festival. They will come to visit our Alliance and offer to speak about writing a novel.

Martina Moriss explains the creation of the detective novel. Is it a police investigation? Fiction or reality? How to choose the topics, depending on what? Who? What is the difference between a thriller and a police investigation?

– Isaline Remy talks about the “social novel or historical novel, in both cases, the author is a conveyor of memory.”

Martina Moriss is a writer of social novels and thrillers that are published in France and French-speaking countries. After One-Way Ticket to La Baule was published in 2013 in « Edition du bout de la rue », she has just published her 11th novel, The Inherited Prison, a thrilling novel, full of subtle intrigue.

She divides her time between Paris and La Baule, but has also traveled extensively abroad to give lectures and to participate in literary salons presenting her works. Each year she conducts writing workshops for children and adults on various topics.

Isaline Remy is a writer, actress and literary journalist. She has had a passion for over 25 years in the arts and letters in their various forms of expression and has received numerous awards. She is currently a writer and critic for Le Journal Indépendant and Agence Bretagne Presse. Her writing is prolific and eclectic. She has written, among other publications :

Clint Eastwood-View of a French Woman, biography, 2005, Publibook.

– Maurice and the Anonymous Senegalese Rifleman – 2012 published by Le Bout de la Rue, Grand Prix of the International Academy of Lutece 2013.

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Bring snacks and drinks for the reception afterwards.