World-Traveling Students

Local French teachers Jessica Morris (North Salinas High School) and Leslie Long (Everett Alvarez High School) traveled with their students to France and other countries this summer. Here is an article from “Focus,” a newsletter of the Salinas Union High School District.


World Traveling Students

French Teachers, Jessica Morris, NSHS, and Leslie Long, EAHS, traveled abroad with their students this summer. Jessica reported the following:

Thank you to the members of the Alliance Française (AF) of the Monterey Peninsula for supporting a scholarship for one NSHS French student, Fabian, and additional activities for 16 student travelers! These grants kept our students engaged in Paris on the underground tour of the Catacombes, as well as, on our beautiful boat ride on the Seine river where we received a dramatic introduction to la dame de fer, the Eiffel Tower. Additionally, the NSHS and EAHS French clubs assured that our students enjoyed authentic French cuisine and a quality afternoon meal together thanks to a group lunch funded by these grants. Additional activities hosted by the AF included a visit to a château, another boat ride in Colmar, a wild bird show outside of Strasbourg, and a small train tour. Our entrance into the chateau d’Annecy included a wonderful exhibit of art, installation, and French animation. Our boat tour introduced us to the historic architecture in the birth city of the sculptor of the Statue of Liberty, Frédéric-Auguste Bartholdi. During our train ride in the Camargue nature reserve we were able to catch a glimpse of the famous flamingos.

Overall, students checked off visits to France, Germany, and Switzerland during our 14 day tour leaving them with dreams of further study abroad and new-found curiosity for world cultures and travel.