Election, Officers & Directors

Sunday January 17 at 4pm | Zoom


While we cannot meet in person to enjoy the traditional galettes and champagne to celebrate the Epiphany as in past years, we will still be holding our Annual Meeting. Please join! We will be discussing events over the past year, the Alliance’s general state of affairs (finances and memberships), and also where you envision our Alliance going in the year to come. Please do come and share your wisdom and creative suggestions!

Also on the agenda is a special election to appoint Melody Pao, who has done so much for our Alliance in the past months she has served as Interim Second Vice President, as official Second Vice President. We will also be voting on Christian Dreyer, faithful host of Café Conversation and Déjeuner Chez Bechler, as Director. Please find the ballot to vote for Melody and Christian attached to the same email with this bulletin. You can fill it out on your computer and send it back to Clarissa or via snail mail to the address at the top of this bulletin. You may also simply join us at our Annual Meeting to speak your approval in person. If you choose to send your ballot, it needs to be received on or before January 15th.

Finally, as you may remember, we usually introduce our new Executive Committee and Directors at this Annual Meeting. However, no one has presented themselves to replace a number of those who have reached the end of their terms (President, First Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Directors). Quite exceptionally, therefore, our Executive committee members and Directors have agreed to serve for another 6 months or until they can find replacements (whichever comes first). This is dependent on member agreement and will be further discussed at the Annual Meeting.

If you are interested in playing a more active role in your local Alliance Française or know someone who does, please reach out as soon as possible. The continued life of our Monterey Alliance Française depends on member willingness to participate in its leadership.