Poetry Contest

Our annual French Poetry Contest, in partnership with the French and Francophone Studies Department of the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey (MIIS), takes place each spring, during the Semaine de la Francophonie.

The Competition is open to students of French presented by their teacher from public and private schools in the Monterey and Salinas Peninsula.


The Competition has a section “Recitation” and a section “Original poem”


A jury composed of eminent members of the Alliance Française and professors of MIIS judge both the recitations and the original poems.


Trophies for the first, second and third prizes are awarded in each section, (recitation, original poem), at each grade level, (Middle School, High School, University), each level of French (beginner, intermediate and advanced). Honorable mention certificates are also awarded.


One month before the competition, the teachers send all the original poems written by their students to the Alliance Française. The members of the jury award a mark according to the quality of the language, the poetic quality and the originality.


The competition takes place at the Irvin Auditorium at MIIS. Families and friends are invited to join the students and their teachers


In the first part, each student in the “Recitation” section is invited to come on stage to recite a poem from French literature in front of the judges and the audience. The judgment criteria are correct pronunciation, good memorization and enunciation, meaningful interpretation and stage presence.


In the second part, each winning student in the “Original poem” section is invited to go on stage to read or recite their poem and receive their trophy. Then it is the turn of the winning students of the “Recitation” section to receive their trophy. Teachers are invited to the stage and receive a booklet including all the original poems.